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Penta Asset Management is a financial services provider registered with the Financial Services Board. Penta provides a discretionary financial advisory service in the wealth management sector, specializing in direct share portfolio management and unit trust based investment vehicles on linked investment platforms. Other product offerings include niche short term products and long term insurance products.




Penta Asset Management has a Category 2 licence which enables Penta to provide advice as well as discretionary investment management. Discretionary investment management allows Penta to use full discretion with the management of your investment. Penta will exercise their discretionary power to manage the composition of the investment and to adapt the client’s investment to changing market conditions, within a framework of the client’s risk appetite and financial needs. Penta manages both types of investment products, the direct discretionary share portfolio as well as the platform investments, in a discretionary manner.


Direct Discretionary Asset Management

A share portfolio will be constructed for the individual client, in line with the client’s risk appetite and financial needs. Shares will be selected in a manner that is consistent with the client’s risk profile and based on quantitative and qualitative research.

A direct investment account will be opened in the client’s name, and will be managed according to the client’s individual financial needs based on the research, risk profile and changing market conditions. This type of investment is also more cost efficient, because it excludes platform fees as well as unit trust fees.

  •   Equity portfolios
  •   Balanced portfolios
  •   Low risk portfolios
  •   Derivatives
  •   Commodities
  •   Etf’s
Investment Platform Products

These investment platforms are critical investment vehicles. They provide the choice between different unit trusts, monthly valuations, fees and administrative comfort to move between funds as the market conditions or personal circumstances change.

  •   Retirement annuities
  •   Preservation funds
  •   Living annuities
  •   Direct investments
  •   Offshore investments

Penta makes use of an eclectic style rotation investment philosophy. This means that when there is a general decline in the stock market we have higher exposure to value managers and when the stock market is rising and investor confidence improves, we will have higher exposure to growth managers.



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Penta is a registered financial services provider with the Financial Services Board under license number 606. Penta is also a member of the Financial Intermediaries Association of South Africa and hold the required indemnity insurance.


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